Case Studies

So, when it was announced that leading business utility broker, BUA-Energy, had been appointed to act as preferred supplier to UKWA’s members, D&S Storage’s founder and managing director, David Straw, had no hesitation in contacting the company to see what they could do to help keep his business costs down.

“We had always paid through the nose for electricity so we had nothing to lose by approaching BUA-Energy for a quote,” explains David Straw.

Specialising in the commercial electricity, gas, telephone and mobile markets, Utility Watch search for the best deal available to UKWA members but charge members absolutely nothing

“In essence, we take an UKWA member’s utility business to several providers and use our buying power to make sure the member gets the best price available,” explains BUA-EnergyJ John Cox.

After an initial telephone conversation with one of BUA-Energy’s advisors David Straw forwarded his company’s last six electricity bills and, that, essentially, was all he had to do.

 “A week later BUA-Energy came back to me with a revised tariff from a new supplier which at a stroke saved my business £84,000 a year,” says David Straw. “With electricity prices rising this saving is likely to exceed £87,000 in the next year. The savings go straight on to our bottom line” he adds.


In D&S Storage case, the savings BUA-Energy were able to make were significant, but the company believes other UKWA members could make notable savings too.

“Even if you are not operating a temperature controlled store the chances are you are could make worthwhile savings by shopping around for the best value – particularly if you operate a fleet of electric-powered forklifts that need to be recharged,” says John Cox.

Needless to say, David Straw is delighted with the service and has no hesitation in recommending it to other UKWA members.

“I actually took the time to write to UKWA to thank the Association for introducing the scheme,” he says. “In this current climate, such services are an absolute lifeline to small business. Well done UKWA and BUA-Energy.